Our Mission

We advance the science and delivery of wound care by leveraging mobile computing, sensor technologies, and machine intelligence to connect patients, providers, and industry.

About Us

We are surgeons, data scientists, and AI engineers who are passionate about addressing unmet challenges in healthcare by utilizing the latest technology with proven scientific approaches.

Patrick Cheng


Özgür Güler, PhD


Kyle L. Wu, MD, MBA


Travis Smith

Chief Commercial Officer

Adil Alaoui

SVP, Data Science

Emmanuel Wilson

Director, Operations

We deliver simplicity without compromising quality. eKare’s innovative technology is creating new possibilities in the delivery of wound
care across the healthcare continuum, from inpatient hospital and skilled nursing facilities to ambulatory clinics and telemedicine. We
encourage you to get in touch to see how our wound management solution can help improve workflow at your facility.

Inspired by patients, driven by science. Our core capability is defined by

Computer Vision

The use of novel, robust algorithms to extract, organize, and understand high-dimensional
volumetric data.

Machine Intelligence

Application of deep learning algorithms to provide insightful diagnostic information and
treatment cues

Advanced Analytics

Improved data interpretation and inference to assist with clinical decision making and
resource allocation

eKare inSight® is an FDA registered Class 1 medical device. inSight is CE marked. Additionally, eKare is ISO 13485 certified and is fully compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 820, Part 11.