Bringing the Future of Wound Care

Connectivity, Intelligence, and Insight

From precise 3D imaging to system-wide deployment of mobile wound care solutions, we deliver the industry’s most advanced digital wound management platform.

inSight 3D wound measurement device

eKare inSight® delivers the most advanced wound assessment capability to you as a simple mobile app. Obtain full 3D wound measurement and tissue composition within seconds at the point of care.

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inSight Wound Measurement Results: displays 3D wound measurements, wound bed compositions, wound orientation, as well as the image quality.

3D Wound Measurement & Tissue Composition

Get accurate 3D wound dimensions and
tissue composition directly on a mobile
app within seconds.

inSight Wound Documentation: allows for full documentation of wound assessment, including peri-wound skin, wound margin, odor, exudate, tunneling, undermining, and other clinical information.

Comprehensive Wound Documentation


Streamline your documentation process
through automation and
intuitive UI.

inSight Wound Summary: displays patient's wound status in a dashboard. Contains information on 3d wound measurements, healing rates, and wound bed compositions.

Telehealth Platform


Securely share and analyze data on a
common platform to improve wound care
coordination and clinical outcome.

Optimize your wound care practice

inSight is proven to improve workflow, so you have more time on what truly matters – Patients.
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Measurement + Documentation time

Measurement error

Inter-rater reliability*>0.99
Intra-rater reliability*>0.99

*Measured in Intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC). See Publications.

eKare’s innovative technology is creating new possibilities in the delivery of wound care
across the healthcare continuum.




Standardizing care and research, one wound at a time
inSight certifications: CE-mark, ISO-certified, HIPAA-compliant