Unified platform

A Fully-Integrated Suite of Applications For Wound Management

Advance your practice and improve quality of care with a fully-integrated solution for wound assessment, wound documentation, eVisits and remote patient monitoring.

Improve wound care outcomes

Drive Performance and
Results for Value Based Care

Standardize Wound Assessment

  • Bring accuracy and precision to your practice. Streamline clinical workflow and transform the provider-patient relationship.

Increase Patient Engagement

  • Increase patient compliance with automated alerts, secure messages, and real-time face-to-face interactions.

Accelerate Clinical Research

  • Ensure high quality wound assessments and track data in real-time. Transform clinically rich data into actionable insights.

Improve Wound Outcomes

  • Enable high quality patient-centric care to improve patient safety and continuity of care.

Designed for interoperability

The Most Efficient APIs for
EHR Integration & Wound

Seamlessly integrate our solution and deploy directly into your wound care practice. eKare’s APIs are hosted and managed in a secure cloud environment making it scalable, easier to manage and cost-effective.

   "Patient" : {
      "id_Patient" : "39165",
      "patient_mrn": "k000000149",
      "first_name": "Patient",
      "last_name": 'TEST',
  "wounds" : [


  • Maximize security with the latest FHIR standards. Ensure safe access to data that feeds directly into the provider workflow.


  • Effortlessly exchange data, eliminate transcription errors, and enable better access to data.


  • Our API is easy to read and deploy, enabling faster access data in a convenient format.

Established Integrations

Global scale

Empowering Wound Care
Professionals Across the Globe

eKare has been recognized time and time again for excellence across the globe. We are committed to addressing the challenges with traditional wound care practice, facilitating clinical and translational research to elevate patient care.


Committed to excellence

Cross-Regulatory Compliance
for Data Integrity & Security

We are dedicated to your success. Our commitment goes beyond offering a top-of-the-line clinical wound imaging solution. By design, our technology maximizes regulatory compliance, data integrity, access control and confidentiality.


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