inSight for Wound Care Research

inSight is a comprehensive integrated suite of applications designed to empower researchers with accurate and timely information. The wound assessment and documentation are streamlined with single image capture and synced to a secure HIPAA, GDPR, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment.

Patient Centric Approach

Clinical Support Throughout the Study Life Cycle

Pre-study Activities

  • Create a unified integrated research experience. Leverage emerging data and clinical evidence to develop study protocol, imaging charter, and adjudication manual.

Study Built & Configuration

  • Build and configure database with ease and efficiency. Customize clinical workflow and integrate seamlessly with your EDC.

Project Management

  • Dedicated project manager to ensure timely start and project maintenance. De-risk your clinical study with highest quality standards, quality assurance and control procedures.

Data Analytics & Insights

  • Analyze data and uncover insights in real-time. Curate data sets, augment clinical studies with real-world evidence.

Streamline Wound Data Capture

Our wound imaging solution is CE-marked and registered with the FDA. It has been clinically validated and used extensively in both animal and human studies. With proven reliability, it continues to be the most sought solution for endpoint analysis in clinical research.

Our application has been utilized across both preclinical and clinical settings for assessment and documentation of a variety of complex wounds.

Robust Data Collection

eKare inSight yields high quality, consistent data. The system uses various quality assurance methods to help ensure all images collected produce accurate data.

  • Real-time user guided assessments
  • Assessments are controlled for optimal imaging distance
  • Image quality index to indicate the confidence level of measurement result
  • Ghost overlay features enable consistent photo orientation
  • Built in remeasurement function to ensure consistent and accurate wound border delineation

Cross-Regulatory Compliance for Data Integrity and Security

inSight® has built-in measures for privacy, data encryption and security aligned with HIPAA and GDPR. Features include comprehensive user management, role-based access control, automatic user privilege assignment and revocation. The platform offers multi-layered protection for service availability, backup, and recovery.

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