Business intelligence in healthcare

Discover the Power of Data

Data driven medicine is important to executing a business strategy. Our BI tool transforms complex wound data to generate powerful business intelligence and help drive better decision-making. Stay informed, take control of your data, and feel secure that your business decisions will drive higher quality care for the patients you serve.

Strengthen precision medicine and evidence based practices

Accurate capture of data

Rely on the most accurate wound data capture to help drive precision medicine strategies and evidence based practices.

Analytical Tools

Create and analyze data in the manner that works best for your organization with simple yet powerful tools.


Easily view data both at the site and organization level to help you understand and analyze the impact of the wound care you deliver.

eKare in action: Healthcare Providers

Ethos Therapy Solutions, a provider of advanced support surfaces to patients with pressure injuries, relies on inSight to provide accurate wound data and analytics reporting to help understand the impact treatments are having towards patient outcomes. By using inSight’s business analytics features, Ethos is able to evaluate and analyze the healing process and help it’s customers make data driven decisions to better serve the needs of their patients.

Wound data and analytics

Share information securely

Secure Export of Data

Ensure that image & export sharing contains no PHI and meets HIPAA standards.

Mobile access

Securely access patient and wound data anywhere and at any time you need it.

User levels / permissions

Define how users access, document and export data at both the site and organization level.

What Users are saying

Market your practice to local partners

Understand the impact of your data

Provide impactful data that will help build and strengthen your local partnerships.

Reporting for Marketing Purposes

Create and share data that tells the story most meaningful to you and your referral network.

Proof of wound healing practices

Help the market understand the power and success of your wound care practices.

Regulatory Compliance

The entire eKare platform is HIPAA, GDPR, as well as 21 CFR Part 11 compliant to maximize data integrity with full audit trail.

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