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Excellence in Patient Care

eKare’s inSight technology is a mobile and non-invasive wound management system designed to help clinicians diagnose patients at the point of care. Clinicians can easily evaluate healing progression and determine appropriate treatment methods at the patient’s bedside.

Wound care documentation anywhere, anytime

Mobile Device Technology

inSight guides the user through a simple point & shoot process with point of care devices that are familiar to end users – helping ensure best practices and standardization no matter who is capturing wound data.

Automatic Data Capture

Users can rely on the inSight device to automatically provide measurement data within seconds, without the need to use a reference marker, thus eliminating the possibility of skin tearing.

Web Portal Access

With data immediately shared to the Cloud, multiple users can capture and view wound care documentation anytime, whether at the point of care or anywhere else.

eKare in action: Healthcare Providers

Exeter Hospital, a community-based health system, uses inSight to enhance the capture of patient wound data right at the point of care.  Access to accurate data helps advance the quality of documentation across its large network of healthcare providers, and ultimately the treatment provided to its wound patients. By implementing the eKare workflow, Exeter was able to provide a convenient and secure platform that streamlines the clinical process for the care team across multiple units.

Wound Measurement for Healthcare Providers

Make data driven clinical decisions

Advanced Imaging

We use the most advanced imaging technology with infrared cameras and ultra-wide vision camera to produce highly accurate 3D images of wounds.

Secure portal

Unique user access to patient data and the ability to generate and share data in a HIPAA compliant manner.


Data sharing capabilities with any EHR to help streamline data capture, allow for easy access to patient data, and ensure that accurate data is also captured in one place – the patient record.

What users are saying

Empower your team

Real-time imaging feedback

Get feedback within seconds as to the quality of the images taken, to ensure you’re capturing the most accurate image and measurement data.

User levels & Permissions

Determine how you want users to access and share data with specific user levels providing the right permissions based on your policies.

Training & Adoption

Easily master the process to capture data and ensure that users are familiar with eKare technology capabilities – whether just starting out or utilizing innovative and new enhancements over time.

Regulatory Compliance

The entire eKare platform is HIPAA, GDPR, as well as 21 CFR Part 11 compliant to maximize data integrity with full audit trail.

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