3D reconstruction of a wound
eKare’s inSight

Simplicity without compromising quality

inSight uses the latest in computer vision technology to quickly and accurately generate 3D rednerings of a wound. Built to operate on an iPad or iPhone, our 3D digital technology uses structured-light to scan the wound topography and leverages advanced built-in optics of newer generation mobile devices. Obtaining high quality data for assessment and monitoring is as simple as taking a photo using a tablet.

Precise wound imaging and data collection

Wound Imaging

We use advanced imaging technology with structured-light to capture 3D information of wounds.

Wound Measurement

Wound measurement (length, width, area, etc) and documentation to aid monitoring of progression.

Visual Classification

Categorize wound image based on visual information into red, yellow/tan, black

inSight Measurement Modules


  • Measures length, width, area
  • Reference marker required
  • Use case: clinical practice, telehealth
  • Digital planimetry

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  • Measures length, width, area
  • Reference marker not required
  • Use case: clinical practice, research, telehealth

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  • Measures length, width, area, depth, volume
  • Reference marker not required
  • Use case: clinical practice, research, telehealth
  • Structured light

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Standardize data collection across your team

Real-time Imaging Feedback

Get feedback on quality of image taken within seconds to ensure you’re capturing the optimal image.

Automatic Border Delineation

Automatically detect and delineate area of interest for fast/precise measurement.

Proven inter &

The inSight system has an inter-rater reliability of .99 and an intra-rater reliability of .99 and delivers measurement accuracy >95%. See Publications.

3D Circumferential Wound Scanning

Now Offering 3D Circumferential Wound Scanning

Circumferential wounds can be difficult to assess and monitor. eKare has developed a novel 3D imaging solution that enables circumferential scanning of wounds from a mobile platform within seconds. View our recent publication to learn more.

Versatility and Convenience

Multiple Device Platforms

inSight can be used on Apple or Android mobile devices. Simply download the wound measurement app from the App Store/Google Play to get started.

Intuitive Workflow & UI

Wound assessment and documentation is streamlined with a single image capture. Data is synced to a secure cloud for easy archiving and access.

Compact & Mobile

Our technology incorporates the smallest and lightest sensor so it can be easily transported.

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Regulatory Compliance

The entire eKare platform is HIPAA, GDPR, as well as 21 CFR Part 11 compliant to maximize data integrity with full audit trail.

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