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IWH 2017

Alternative 3D Wound Measurement Device for Monitoring Wound Area

Innovations in Wound Healing Annual Conference. Dec, 2017.

“The area measurements of the eKare device appear to be comparable to laser-­assisted wound measurement devices, making it an option for clinicians and researchers interested in monitoring wound progression. Clinical experience indicates the eKare device has a friendly user interface, a convenient portable design, and can take quick wound-­area measurements.”



SANUWAVE Enters AI Field, Announcing Collaboration With eKare to Develop Novel Data Management and Analytics Suite for Wound Care Management and Treatment

“SANUWAVE Health, Inc. (OTCQB:SNWV) is pleased to announce that the company is entering into a Memorandum of Understanding with eKare, Inc. to develop novel wound care analysis and management solutions. Linking SANUWAVE’s dermaPACE® wound treatment device with eKare’s inSight® 3D wound imaging and analytics system, the two companies will strive to produce the industry’s most comprehensive wound management solution.”


Frost Sullivan Blue Logo

eKare Inc. featured in Frost & Sullican Global Digital Tools in Wound Assessment and Management – 2016

“This study includes a detailed description of modern digital tools and devices used for wound assessment and monitoring. The study also consists of detailed analysis of the current challenges and unmet needs in wound management, advances in wound management, in-depth description of the various innovative companies in the wound care data / heath information and early detection space as well as companies in the wound care planning, monitoring, and management space, and analysis of the key product features of each of these companies. The study concludes with key conclusions in this growing market.”



The reliability of a novel mobile 3-Dimensional wound measurement device

Wounds. Nov, 2016.

“The 3D-WM was found to be highly reliable for measuring wound areas for a range of wound sizes and types as compared to manual measurement and scaled photography. The depth and therefore volume measurement using the 3D-WM was found to have a lower ICC, but volume ICC alone was moderate. Overall this device offers an affordable mobile option for objective wound measurement in the clinical setting.”
Note: The study involves shallow diabetic foot ulcers with average depth of approx. 1mm and may not be appropriate to evaluate depth measurement. See “Discussion” on page 5.