eKare Launches Enhanced Integration with EMIS

eKare is delighted to announce enhanced integration of its inSight platform with electronic patient record provider EMIS, one of the country’s largest electronic patient records across primary, secondary and community care. Clinicians using eKare inSight will now have seamless digital access to patient demographic information of millions of NHS patients and are no longer required to manually enter patient details into the inSight platform.

With inSight, Clinicians can conveniently capture wound images, measurements and NHS aligned assessment and treatment information. This patient data is then is uploaded back into the patient record within EMIS in a variety of different formats including SNOMED.

Lucy Woodhouse, Clinical Project Lead Lower Limb Service in Wye Valley NHS Trust, has been using eKare inSight successfully since last year as part of the AHSN National Wound Care Strategy programme and states, “Since the integration with EMIS we are really starting to see the benefits of eKare inSight. It has enabled us to not only instantly access the patient record but also to capture the wound image, track its progress and produce data on healing rates, infection rates and other key measures, something we have not been able to do previously. The ability to then upload clinical information into EMIS has been crucial in enabling shared care with clinicians who access EMIS and has really increased our productivity as a service”

Stephen Doades, Vice President of eKare Europe said that this integration was already making life significantly easier for its users. He says, “Our work to date within the UK so far has taught us that we have a great product, but Clinicians and healthcare organizations have never been busier. Therefore, it is fundamental to make the technology as easy and as convenient as possible in order to get adoption. The 2-way integration allows streamlined information flow to feed bi-directionally from eKare inSight and EMIS. This enables true point of care data capture, saving clinicians valuable time whilst unlocking the power of digital and data within wound care”

eKare’s integration with EMIS and NHS organisations electronic patient records require eKare to demonstrate compliance with several rigorous data, clinical safety and information governance standards.

For more information contact info@ekare.ai or visit www.ekare.ai

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