Wound Management & Prevention
Jan 31, 2019

Comparison of 3-dimensional Wound Measurement With Laser-assisted and Hand Measurements: A Retrospective Chart Review

Wound area measurements provide an objective assessment of wound healing; however, most commonly used measurement techniques are imprecise. Purpose: A…
Oct 25, 2018

3-D Wound Scanner: A Novel, Effective, Reliable, and Convenient Tool for Measuring Scar Area

This study aimed to investigate whether a three-dimensional (3-D) wound scanner could be used to measure the area of scars.…
Journal of Burn Care & Research
Feb 28, 2018

Application of 3-Dimensional Wound Analyzer in Small Area Wound Healing of Animal

The objective of this study was to determinate the reliability of 3-dimensional wound analyzer (3-DWMD) in the wound area measurement…
Innovations in Wound Healing 2017
Dec 31, 2017

Alternative 3D Wound Measurement Device for Monitoring Wound Area

The measurement of wound size is a key component of chronic wound care.1,2 Wound size reduction is considered the best…
International Wound Journal
Dec 31, 2016

Pilot study to evaluate a novel three-dimensional wound measurement device

As the burden of diabetes continues to grow and treatment standards require careful tracking of wound progress, clinicians increasingly need…
Wounds Journal
Aug 15, 2016

The Reliability of a Novel Mobile 3-dimensional Wound Measurement Device

The 3DWM device was found to be highly reliable for measuring wound areas for a range of wound sizes and…

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