Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery Conference
Jun 30, 2015

Feasibility of 3D Stucture Sensing for accurate assessment of chronic wound dimensions

This experiment demonstrates the feasibility of using the Structure Sensor to capture the topographical details needed to generate accurate 3D…
WOCN Annual Conference
Jun 6, 2015

Mobile Structure Sensor for Real-Time 3D Wound Assessment: Ex-Vivo Validation Using Wound Phantoms

Mobile Structure Sensor For Realtime 3d Wound Assessment: Ex-vivo Validation Using Wound Phantoms real-time-3D-wound-assessment
American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress
Sep 13, 2014

Mobile Wound Assessment Using Novel Computer Vision Methods

Compared to manual tracing, algorithm automation performed the task 33% faster, averaging 31.6 seconds/image for both border delineation and tissue…

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