eKare Joins the Google for AI Cloud Program

We are proud to announce that we have been accepted into the Google for AI Clouds Program Scale Tier, a prestigious initiative that propels companies utilizing artificial intelligence as part of their core technology to develop their primary products.

A Significant Milestone for eKare

The acceptance into this esteemed program is a pivotal moment in our journey,  underscoring eKare’s dedication to innovation in wound care and continue advancing AI in the wound care industry.

Our selection for this program reinforces eKare’s commitment to harness AI to revolutionize the digital wound care landscape. It also validates our capabilities and places us in a unique position to tap into Google’s immense resources, industry insights, and a network of AI experts and mentors.

The Implications for eKare

Being part of the Google for AI Startups Clouds Program is more than an endorsement – it’s an opportunity to propel our growth, drive innovation, and enhance our service offerings. Here’s what this acceptance brings to eKare:

  • Google Cloud AI Credits: Access to Google Cloud AI credits will help us scale our AI capabilities, enhance the innovation and performance of our platform, and deliver better solutions to our users.
  • Mentorship: This program offers us the golden opportunity to learn directly from industry leaders at Google and other top-tier tech companies, acquiring knowledge and wisdom that we can use to improve our services.
  • Technical Support: We will receive technical support from Google’s AI engineers, reinforcing our platform’s performance standards, and ensuring we provide the best services to our users.
  • Networking: As part of the program, we’ll be given numerous networking opportunities, helping us connect with other AI startups and potential investors in the tech space.
Our Unwavering Commitment

As we embark on this exciting chapter, our promise to our valued users remains firm. We’re dedicated to employing the newly acquired resources to enhance our AI solutions, introduce innovative features, and improve your experience with eKare.

Our acceptance into this program solidifies our commitment to perpetual learning, growth, and pushing boundaries. As we partner with Google, we assure you that the benefits of this collaboration will extend to our users, partners, and stakeholders.


The eKare Team

To learn more about the Google for AI Startups Clouds Program, visit here.

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