eKare inSight 2.0 brings users more security, efficiency, and accessibility

eKare, Inc. announces the release of inSight 2.0 which brings a number of important enhancements and features to ensure users a more seamless experience when capturing and managing patient wound data.

“’We’re excited to bring new, important features to our users with inSight 2.0 including improvements to security and performance, offline capabilities for convenience, and additional enhancements to data access, to name a few,” says Dr. Kyle Wu, Chief Medical Officer of eKare, Inc.

As a leading digital wound management platform, inSight offers wound care clinicians and researchers a reliable, precise tool to capture 3D wound images and measurements from their mobile device in a matter of seconds. With over 8,000 users, insight has helped small clinics to Fortune 500 companies analyze wound healing, optimize clinical flow and improve patient outcomes.

inSight 2.0 will provide users an enhanced experience with the following upgrades:

  • Security and performance improvements
  • Enable offline data capture & auto sync
  • Improvement and expansion on Ghosting to ensure image consistency
  • Improvement to mobile apps’ performance in settings of poor
    Business Intelligence Dashboard


  • Enable free text notes with each image
  • Improvement to Operational and Clinical Dashboard
  • Improvement and expansion on CSV export, including addition of “Patient census” export
  • Expansion on Telehealth offering
  • Enable “Unrestricted Access” option on mobile apps

Here’s a video demonstrating the ghosting feature and wound image capture process with inSight:

Patrick Cheng, CEO of eKare states, “Our close working relationship with many of our users enables us to understand inSight user experiences, challenges and opportunities. That critical feedback helps us improve upon and evolve the platform to meet the needs of the wound care industry.  We look forward to continuing to be at the forefront of innovation in wound care.”

Existing users who would like to get in touch with our support team, please contact support@ekare.ai. To learn more about inSight, or to set up a demo contact us at info@ekare.ai

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